Jan 28, 2009


Thanks for visiting our BBLEP09 E-portfolio Portal

This is a sample site to show how Web-based lessons and e-portfolios can be bound together and how students' online performance can be followed.


About us:

Teadira Pérez is an ESP/EAP teacher at the School of Modern Languages, University of Los Andes, Mérida - Venezuela. She has an MSc in Linguistics and a PhD in Education. She has been working in the use of ICT for foreign language teaching and learning in the last five years. She is a founder member and President of the Venezuelan CALL Association (Avealmec).

Miguel Mendoza is an ESP/EAP teacher in the school of librarianship at Universidad Central de Venezuela. He holds a Master’s degree in the teaching of English as a foreign language. He’s an ICT consultant/ moderator and editor for the British Council in Venezuela and has worked as tutor for Consultants-E. Venezuelan CALL Association (Avealmec) founder member and Secretary.

Evelyn Izquierdo is an ESP/EAP teacher at the School of Education of Universidad Central de Venezuela. Holds a masters' degree in English as a Foreign Language. Working with ICT since 2005 after becoming a Webhead in Action. Venezuelan CALL Association (Avealmec) founder member. Venelt co-founder. WorldCALL 2008 Scholarship recipient. MUVEnation postgraduate student.


The Project: This e-portfolio is a collection of blog-based lesson posts and reflections written by yourself.

  • Objective(s): To collect evidence on students' answers to blog-based lesson tasks.
  • Audience: High school students
  • Steps: These are the steps you have to follow in order to accomplish with the blog-based lesson tasks
  1. Create a blog in Blogger (You will do this just once)
  2. Email your teacher the link to your blog post. (You will do this just once)
  3. Write a short biography in 'My Profile'. (You will do this just once)
  4. Upload a photo or avatar (depending on students' age) (You will do this just once)
  5. Post on your blog every time you finish a blog lesson. Follow the class schedule to know what to post in each entry.
  • Schedule:
Lesson 1 (January 26th)

1. Post your biography on Hollywood stars
2. Write your reflection on the Lesson "They are all stars". Think on what you learned and what you like (or not) from this lesson.

Lesson 2 (February 26th)

1. Post your reaction on the Listening The Competition on beach Ball
2. Write your reflection on the Lesson "Why competing?". Think on what you learned and what you like (or not) from this lesson.

Lesson 3 ( Date)...

  • Structure: Your blog should contain:
1. Biography (You will add this just once)
2. Posts (All posts your teacher requests to be published in your blog)
3. Reflections (Think of the things you learn during the lesson)


  • Evaluation:
Qualitative : 10% (Reflections, quality of posts, interaction with peers)
Quantitative : 30% of total (Number of posts during the school year)